The Headliner is awesome and it's easily one of the Jersey Shore's top nightclubs, but how hammered do you have to be to go swimming in the pool?

This conversation started after my buddies and I got embarrassed in a volleyball match. That's a whole topic in itself, it's our second year playing in the Headliner summer volleyball league and we haven't won a game yet. We are washed-up athletes who are desperately holding on to our glory days. Don't even get me started...WE STINK!

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Anyway, after the game, we were having fun, enjoying a couple of beers and someone randomly asked, "how drunk do you have to be to go swimming in the pool?" Of course, we started laughing. It's obviously a joke but then again, it's a valid question and it's a topic many think about. Let's be real, does anyone actually know what has happened in that pool? You can only imagine some of the moments that have taken place... JAW-DROPPING! I understand there's a chemical called "chlorine" but does that actually do the job for a pool like this?! As stupid as it sounds, there are some people who think they will get a sexually transmitted disease from just putting a big toe in the water!

Nurse: "What's bothering you today? Why are you here?"

Swimmer: "Well, I went in the Headliner Oasis Pool and now I have mushrooms growing all over my body!"

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The Headliner Oasis pool is its own urban legend. It's all hearsay, right?

To answer the question, how drunk do you have to be to go swimming in the pool? I think you have to be the drunkest you've ever been haha! However, it's not stopping me from enjoying drinks and eating a tasty meal at the Headliner. It's one of the Jersey Shore's top nightclubs for a reason.

At the end of the day, this is all in fun. The Headliner pool is swim-worthy and sanitized. I'll see you in the low end  - Jimmy G

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