After a brief pause, Woody has returned and filming has resumed.

The movie industry has undoubtedly exploded in the Hudson Valley in recent years. There have been many projects that have had a good chunk of the production filmed in the Hudson Valley or somewhere in the Hudson Valley. Many of them have been low key.

The first project that really seemed to peak the interest of the Hudson Valley was HBO's This Much I Know is True starring Mark Ruffalo. Locations all over the Hudson Valley were used for the award winning series.

The latest production that has peaked the Hudson Valley's curiosity for months now is another HBO series called The White House Plumbers starring Woody HarrelsonSince filming began, Woody has been seen at restaurants and even gyms all over the Hudson Valley.

The production even took over an entire village.

Filming has taken place across the Hudson Valley and has expanded into New York's Capital Region.

Credit: Jean LaFalce

Just about a week ago, filming was reportedly paused due to an alleged incident that resulted in an argument between the director of the series and representatives from the prop department. Representatives at HBO were investigating the incident.

As of last week there was no word on when filming would resume.

It looks like we got our answer.

Credit: Jean LaFalce

Woody Harrelson and the production crew can be seem filming outside the Legislative Building in Albany.

Credit: Jean LaFalce

Have you run into Woody or have you been caught in the middle of filming of The White House Plumbers?

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