As Halloween fast approaches, our minds turn to scary ghost stories, and there are plenty of them here at the Jersey Shore.

We are beginning a series of spotlights on Jersey Shore places that have been rumored to be haunted through the years right here at the Jersey Shore. Maybe the spooky stories are true, maybe they're not. We'll let you decide.

Our first spotlight will fall on Asbury Park, a place where we spent a lot of time this summer. Nestled on 4th Ave in town, the Stephen Crane House was of course the former home of the writer of The Red Badge of Courage.

So, is the Stephen Crane House haunted? Well, rumors of the sounds of laughing and crying children there did prompt a visit from SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters during the show's 6th season.

Stephen Crane sign
photo, Tom Hayes

There are also reports of one spirit who tries to hit guest on the head with fireplace tools, according to the New Jersey Haunted Houses website.

You can read all about the history of this historic house at, including a recap of what the Ghost Hunters found, or didn't find during their visit. And we'll feature more places rumored to be haunted here at the Jersey Shore in upcoming posts.

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