Despite recent efforts by some you simply can’t ruin Thanksgiving which for me will always be the best holiday of the year because it’s pure, for the most part.

Everyone can celebrate regardless of race, religion or even political party and you can still display pictures of turkeys without annoying too many. You can even say “Happy Thanksgiving” and not worry about offending people in these politically correct times. 

That is how I started my segment last year the day before Thanksgiving and those words are still very much true.  However this will be a very different holiday in many ways for most of us as we deal with a pandemic that has ruined and taken away so much.

For me the day has always been about the four F’s: family, food, football and fun and while most of those remain they do so in a very different fashion.

Family- Well this is probably the largest change because most of us will likely be sharing the day with four or five instead of fourteen or fifteen.  We’ve all heard the warnings about large gatherings and most of us will follow suit including yours truly.  We will not have tables with reserved seating by name, it’s much easier when there’s only five of you plus a 17-month old.  However we’ll miss the chaos.

Food- Not a problem at all.  I’ve seen the menu and will need to bring sweatpants for later in the day.  This is a day to remember that “it’s not a sprint but a marathon.”  You eat in stages and the goal is to make it not only to desert but maybe even some leftovers at night.

Football- Sure there will be the NFL games (bad ones) on TV but what many will miss is traditional high school games which were a big part of the day.  Not this year!

Fun- Look any time I get to see my grandson is fun but this Thanksgiving will not be the same without many other family members who we usually spend the day with.

What we all hope and pray for is this is just a one-year hiatus from what we normally do.  At the same time let’s remember for many the day is never special, just another Thursday.  For those of us fortunate to spend it with ones we love let’s not take that for granted.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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