More often than not you send a card to a loved one to wish them a happy birthday and share your feelings about them.  I get to not only use this forum but save 55 cents in the process.

35 years ago today I was co-hosting the morning show on 92.7 WOBM when I got the call to rush to the since knocked-down Point Pleasant Hospital as my wife Jane was about to deliver our first child.  I was prepared to use what I had learned during Lamaze instruction to help her get through labor and when I arrived at the hospital I got really excited when I was given those doctor scrubs to put on.

I was waiting in some room all by myself ready to go when a nurse came in and told me they would be doing an emergency C-Section and I needed to wait until called.  I have no idea how long it was but it seemed like forever before I was called in and allowed to see Jane and cut the cord.

It was a whirl wind and not what we had planned or expected but at 11:27 that morning Brandon James Williams was born.

As parents what we wish for more than anything is a healthy and happy baby who eventually becomes a healthy and happy child.  Of course we want them to be good kids, do well in school and all that stuff.  When they enter adulthood your wishes for them take a new direction as the focus moves to their career, finding a great partner and eventually starting a family.

Brandon has checked all the boxes for us from the day he was born.  Sure there was a bump or two in the road but his were very small.

We shared many good times with him and like all families came together in ones that were sad. Birthdays, graduations, tailgates, (and fraternity parties) career advancement, a wedding, the birth of Carter James last June and moving into a new home in just a couple of weeks.

As you hold your newborn baby for the first time it’s only natural to wonder what life will have in store for them.  I don’t remember what I thought the first time I held Brandon. I was probably concentrating too much on not dropping him.

I do know this: he has brought us great joy and as a dad I could not have asked for anything more.  Happy Birthday Brandon, we love you!

PS- Yes I know Alex you think he is our favorite but that’s not true…he just happens to be our first born.  When you turn 30 I’ll hopefully be able to do one of these for you.

Happy Birthday Brandon Williams

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