So many 'classic' (aka OLD) candy still exists. Here are my picks for what should stay and what should go:

(Photo by Liz Jeressi at Sweet! in Belmar)

A recent survey ranked the most awful tasting and least favorite Halloween candy. Those that made the list of worst classic candies included:

5. Good & Plenty (black licorice flavor)

4. Black Licorice (again, not a favorite flavor among kids)

3. Neco wafers (that minty taste can seem more like medicine)

2.Circus Peanuts (those orange, marshmallow, peanut-shaped things)

1.Candy Corn (Is being ranked #1 a good or bad thing if it's for Most Awful Candy?!)

I was curious to see what else is still out there from years ago, so I went to Sweet! in Belmar which has a whole wall of classic candy.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi at Sweet! in Belmar)

And I was able to make my own list of things I never wanted to get in my trick-or-treat sack as a kid, and still have never want to ever eat again as an adult!

5. Dots (You literally have to chew them straight off the paper!)

4. Mary Janes (Ewwwwwww...they look like something you'd find in a toilet)

3. Laffy Taffy (If I'm ever eating taffy and risking the health of my teeth, it's going to be real, Jersey Shore Salt Water Taffy, not this fake grossness.)

2. Pez (Okay so maybe the containers are still nifty, but the candy itself is still yucky to me!)

1. Turkish Taffy (Looks positively gross...and like it could pull a filling straight out of your mouth.)

(Photo by Liz Jeressi at Sweet! in Belmar)

My picks for Classic Candy Keepers:

Pixy Sticks

Red Hots

Bottle Caps

Blow Pops

Pop Rocks

Now THOSE are fun. Happy Halloween!!!

And would someone please bring back Freshen Up Gum? The kind that squirted liquid sugar into your mouth as soon as you bit into it? I LOVED that stuff!

P.S. In addition to the wall of classic candy at Sweet!, this is a legit and much-loved bakery and homemade chocolate shop that has been popular for over ten years now on 10th Belmar. The owners are great (and so are the cupcakes!), so tell them I said hi when you stop by!

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