So you might have noticed I was away for a few days.  I wouldn’t call it a vacation but rather a long weekend which was spent in Absarorkee, Montana.  Of course the first question would be why would I be in a town of 1,234 which is located about 45 miles southwest of Billings which you might have heard of.

Kevin and his niece Fallon
Kevin and his niece Fallon (Towsquare Media NJ)

It was to attend the high school graduation celebration of my niece Fallon, the youngest of my sister-in-law Judy’s three children.  Judy and her husband Ron moved from Westfield, New Jersey to Absarokee fulltime about 4 years ago and they own and live on a 60-acre ranch which is actually 8 miles from the town, the last mile consisting of an unpaved gravel road.

The town itself does not consist of much and it seems that when most people need to shop they get in their trucks and drive the hour or so to Billings.

Kevin's cabin
Kevin's cabin (Townsquare Media NJ)

My wife has been out to the ranch on a couple of occasions but for me this was my first trip to Montana and saying it’s a 360-degree change from here would be an understatement.   Unfortunately for us the weather was not great and I never did get to see the clear blue skies of the day and the stars at night which light up the otherwise black horizon.  It was cloudy and rained for the three days of our adventure but that brought a smile to the faces of the locals who have been desperately seeking rain for their ranches and farms after a mild winter and dry spring.

Despite the weather I found true relaxation by sitting on the porch, reading a book and listening to the sounds of the Stillwater River which runs right through their property only 20 yards away.  Jane and I stayed in a log cabin about 100 yards from the main house and it was perfect plus it had Direct TV.

By the way I did not get on a horse although if and when I return I may seek to overcome one of my fears.

The pace is clearly different in so many ways.  There is little traffic. As a matter of fact you can’t even call it traffic.  I really did not have much contact with anyone other than our family until Sunday’s graduation party.  That is when I got to meet some of the neighbors who by the way are not exactly right next door.

Out on the range
Out on the range (Townsquare Media NJ)

Yes they all wore jeans and cowboy boots and Fallon’s male friends were sporting cowboy hats because most of them are cowboys.   Even the dumbest graduate finished in the top 20 of the class because the entire graduating class was made up of 20 students.

Like I said 360 degrees different in so many ways and I want to go back.  Heck I might even get me a pair of boots, a hat and one of those western belts.

Actually I don’t think so.

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