Friends and Goonies fans now's the time to bite into a bit of nostalgia from two of the biggest names in entertainment.  After successfully launching a Selena Gomez & Black Pink Cookies & Cream Remix flavor last year, Serendipity has released its latest line of must-eat ice creams.  And they're now in stores around the Jersey Shore!

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As I walked into Wawa on 37 in Toms River today, The Goonies logo caught my eye and I had to see what it was.  A Goonies fan who owns it on DVD and digital, I was surprised to see this.  What I discovered excited the heck out of me.

Credit: Serendipity Brands

Introducing The Goonies Sloth and Chunk Rocky Rooooaad? made by Serendipity.  It's got chocolate marshmallow swirl ice cream and has fudge-covered almonds.  If you recall, this is the flavor that brought Sloth and Chunk together.  The price at Wawa was $5.99.  You can purchase it in other stores too.  And you can even order it online here for $7.99 plus shipping.  This is a limited-time item and will not last long.

Credit: Serendipity Brands

Also, Friends fans will love Central Perk Almond Fudge from Serendipity.  It "features decadent chocolate-covered almonds and fudge swirls to create a mouthwatering mocha almond fudge ice cream."  I found this for $5.99 at Wawa too and it is also $7.99 ordered online here.  I hear that this will be a permanent brand!  Do you think Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, or Chandler would share a pint?

So, pick up a pint and let me know.  How do they taste?  What do you prefer?  PS - A Christmas Story and Caddyshack ice creams are up next!

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