If you use Google often (and who doesn't?), you are aware that from time to time they like to have fun with their logo.  To celebrate certain famous birthdays, holidays or historical events, they will change or even animate their traditional logo for a special one-day-only version.  These limited edition logos have been dubbed "Google Doodles"  and the Olympics have inspired a wide variety of them.

Yesterday I went to Google to search for a work-related item, however before I could even type anything into the search box, I was engrossed in a game of hurdles, compliments of the day's "Google Doodle".  Ten minutes later, I forgot what I was searching for, but I did achieve a personal best of 12.3 seconds on the hurdles race!

This morning, I encountered a similar scenario, except this time the hurdles was replaced with a basketball free-throw contest.  Here I am a day later, in the same predicament.  I'm lucky I had time to blog at all considering how deep I am into this game (by the way, my current best here is 36).  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy these simple games to break up the monotony of the day, but am I the only one who finds these doodles mildly addicting?

To play the free-throw contest, click HERE.  (but be warned, it could take over your day)

To view all of the past "Google Doodles" click HERE.

What have been your high scores for the hurdles and basketball games?

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