A goat that had spent weeks jumping across Hunterdon County was captured by police Friday morning and brought back from the brink of death.

"Our vet arrived shortly after me and our new girl started screaming and seizing. She was dying from dehydration and hypothermia. Her body temperature was very low," the rescue group Goats of Anarchy said on Facebook.

The goat, which has been named Millie, is now safe and sound at the rescue organization's property in Hunterdon County.

But it was a close call after the goat spent days roaming in sub-freezing temperatures and snow. The rescue group's founder called it "the most extreme death to life transformation I've ever seen."

"We covered her in heating pads and blankets and our vet started squeezing IV fluids in as fast as she could. We thought she was dead a couple if times. Within a few minutes, she started to come to, and in a few minutes more she was standing and chewing cud!"

(Goats of Anarchy via Facebook)
Millie. (Goats of Anarchy via Facebook)

Goats of Anarchy was founded several years ago by Clinton Township resident Leanne Lauricella, whose home and another off-site property are home to more than 60 rescued goats — from New Jersey and other states — as well as sheep, pigs, chickens, a mini donkey and a mini horse. Many of the goats have disabilities or special needs.

Lauricella is also renting 30 acres and a barn in Milford to help house the rescued animals. A GoFundMe campaign started this summer has raised $118,353 to help pay for rent and expand the operation.

"This property would also allow other caregivers to live on site. Many of our special needs babies need 24/7 care, so having several people living on site is important," according to the campaign site.

Lauricella said Millie is "not out of the woods by any means, but we hope that she will make a full recovery and start to eat soon."

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