While many people love Thanksgiving it’s the holiday that sort of gets the shaft.  Halloween seems to start right after Labor Day and of course Christmas season has already begun…Thanksgiving just gets one day and one day only which maybe is why so many of us love it.

Anyway it’s on to Christmas and while Covid is still somewhat of an issue this holiday season will feel very much like pre-pandemic times.  Something that has really bothered me in this politically-correct era is the fear you might offend someone by wishing them a “Merry Christmas.”  Of course I realize not everyone celebrates what is a Christian holiday…however I think of Christmas as more a celebration of the season, a time to express good feelings to our fellow man…even those we hardly know.  In many cases it’s a time to put ill feelings aside and often provides (even for a brief period) a nice interruption in the daily malaise that effects so many. December 25th is a religious holiday but Christmas is not about one day but a season that hopefully features good cheer and good feelings.

However we’ve taken so many wonderful traditions and been told you can’t do that any longer.  Many places no longer play Christmas music or even display a Christmas tree because they can’t.  As for the wishing of “Merry Christmas” you are often encouraged to go with the more generic “Happy Holidays” so again you don’t offend anyone.


I realize in these times of inclusion there has been and continues to be a need for change.  I’m good with including other celebrations during this time of year and see nothing wrong with displaying a Menorah next to a Christmas tree.  However we have let the minority dictate to the majority to a point where Santa Claus can’t be front and center but rather has to stay in the background.  That’s a bunch of garbage.

More than ever we all need a little Christmas in our life.  After all, tis the season to be jolly and that goes for everyone.

Toms River, NJ Street With Lots and Lots of Christmas Inflatables

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