HOLMDEL — Two large M&M displays that were reported stolen from the PNC Bank Arts Center have been safely returned to their Holmdel home for the holiday weekend.

The State Police announced that the red plain M&M and yellow peanut M&M that were reported stolen after the Kidz Bop concert last month were brought home on Saturday. There was no information provided about how the displays were returned, though the police credited tips from the public, as well as the involvement of Live Nation, the PNC Bank Carts Center and M&M Mars Corporation for helping to locate the 3-foot tall candies.

"The collaborative effort resulted in resolving the investigation without the need for an arrest - a very sweet conclusion," the State Police said in a statement.

When the displays were first reported stolen the State Police said there were "no signs of melted chocolate at the scene," and confirmed that the candies "didn't quit and walk off the job."

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