As covid vaccinations are becoming more and more available for expanded groups of  New Yorkers, some doctors are giving some advice on what to do after your second vaccine shot. Take a day off from work. Seriously.

My wife is a teacher and she received her first Covid-19 vaccination shot on Monday. She told me that the shot was absolutly no big deal and that she didn't feel any after-effects from the shot....well maybe a slightly sore arm. However, she did mention something that I found interesting. The healthcare professional that gave her the first shot said when she comes in for the second vaccination shot she should plan on taking the rest of that day off and maybe also schedule a day off for the next day too. Apparently, a lot of people are experiencing mild to moderate mild flu-like symptoms after their second shot. Symptoms like a low fever, chills, body aches, and fatigue.

These symptoms are perfectly normal and expected after the vaccination according to the CDC. They say the symptoms are a good sign that shows that your body is working to build the protection it needs to fight off the coronavirus.

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As of February 1st, more than 42 million vaccines have been administered in the U.S., and more than 9 million have received their second and final dose, according to the CDC.

According to the story at Fox5NY, not everyone experiences these flu-like symptoms after the second dose. It's kind of hit and miss, but if you usually get a flu shot and sometimes feel kinda crappy afterward you probably have a higher chance of these symptoms after the second Covid-19 vaccine shot.

My parents have received their second dose about two weeks ago and they didn't experience any side-effects, except a sore arm. I guess the bottom line is that you might want to schedule a day off "just-in-case" you feel bad. If you wake up feeling fine, just enjoy a day to relax.




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