Usually around this time of year, we would all be celebrating because gas prices would have lowered by now because the spike in Summer travel is over!

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Ahhhhh but if things were usual, what would there be to report on?

According to, a lot of New Jersey drivers are asking themselves: "Why is gas still over $3.00 per gallon?" 

I don't have good news.

This expensive will only continue and we don't know when things will get any cheaper.

There are few factors here:

You have the devastating effects of Hurricane Ida.

Official rainfall forecast for Ida and its remnants, as it tracks inland across the eastern half of the U.S. New Jersey falls squarely in the 2-4" (green) and 4-6" (yellow) contours. (NOAA / NHC)

You also have our current Global energy crisis.

David Carillet, Getty Stock / ThinkStock, ThinkStock

And on top of it all, the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic are still at large.

A person receives the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in the gymnasium of International High School in Paterson, N.J., Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021. Paterson's mayor called on the federal government to provide New Jersey with more coronavirus vaccines as the city's walk-in site again drew several hundred people, some of whom had lined up at 4:30 a.m. (AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey)

So here is what you need to know when it comes to the cost of gas and how it will impact your wallet.

Currently, the average cost per gallon is approximately $3.30 per gallon and that is across the entire Garden State. I know....ughhh!

So according to a piece on, here is what the professionals are predicting:

The Future Of Gas Prices For New Jersey Drivers Is BLEAK! Here's What We Know:

Gas. Prices. Stink.

Thumbs down. Big time.

But based on this report, walking or riding a bike has never looked sweeter.

Yeah, you might be a little cold but the money you save on gas can be spent on a nice, hardy winter coat.

Good luck, New Jersey drivers. You're gonna need it.

Thanks again to for this gas price news....then again, maybe I take that thank you back because this report SUCKS!

Okay..okay....let's not be mad at the messenger.

Ready for more bad news, New Jersey?

Well here you go.

And remember,,, don't be mad at the messenger....

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