The odor of natural gas at a home in a Howell neighborhood spurred the evacuations of people in six homes on Ivy Ridge Road earlier this afternoon.

Townsquare Digital
Townsquare Digital

According to Michael Kinney at NJNG, Howell police reported a possible leak at about 12:10 PM. A company crew was on scene by 12:38 and secured it by about 1:20, Kinney said.

The leak was attributed to a corroded connection between the meter and the line feeding the house, Kinney said. Repairs continued for several hours into the late afternoon.

Corrosion in connections is infrequent but not impossible, Kinney said. NJNG crews watch for signs of it during periodic inspections, Kinney said.

Anyone who detects the odor of natural gas or finds irregularities with a meter can report it directly to the company at 1-800-GAS-LEAK (1-800-427-5325).

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