Wheeeeew it's been a long year!  I bet your with me when I say that I'm ready to be out in society, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine and having fun with my family. If you feel the same way,  I've got just the thing! You can get on an Alpine Mountain Coaster at Mountain Creek and get that thrill you're looking for!  Talk about taking in a fantastic view! This coaster is an absolute rush similar to zip lining but you are sitting and you control the speed. This video shows you the rider's perspective...I can't wait to do this! Hit the breaks if you want but I don't recommend it!



Mountain Creek Resort is in Vernon Township, which of course is known for it's skiing in the winter. I've hit the slopes there for many years but this coaster is new to my family crew.  I'm personally too chicken to do a zip line but I'm more than happy to zoom though the mountains on this coaster!  Its great exercise climbing up to the top then the thrill of riding down is the reward.

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The ride is family-friendly, but there is a height limit the requirements are: Minimum height 54 inches to ride alone. 38" - 54" must ride with an adult (16 years+) No one under 38" is  allowed.  If you need the address for your GPS it's 205 McAfee Vernon Rd, Vernon Township, NJ 07462.  Take this time to soak in the great weather we will be having for the next few days and create some memories!
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