Frustration! That is what many drivers here at the Jersey Shore feel each day. Maybe you are frustrated or maybe you are the one who frustrates others? although we probably won't admit we have some bad driving habits.

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According to a recent article from Car Talk, the number one annoying thing drivers do is "talking on a cell phone". This is dangerous and often you will see drivers totally preoccupied with their phones...put the phone down!

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The first thing that popped into my mind was "no turn signals". It's totally frustrating to have to navigate around drivers who won't use turn signals so you have no idea what they are doing. I never assume anything because people don't use turn signals.

I decided to go to the source, YOU the drivers at home who live here at the Jersey Shore, and ask you what is the most annoying things other drivers do. Once I posted this question, it didn't take long to get a ton of responses.

If YOU had to pick your top annoyance what would it be? here is what YOU at home had to say....

  • Mike: Drive slow
  • Robert: Act like Godzilla is on the attack and will do anything to pass, weave, give you the finger, tailgate, etc just to get to Walmart.
  • Lynda: No turn signal
  • Renee: Policing the traffic by being a pace car and acting as if you don’t know that you were pissing off 100 people behind you if you want to drive below or the speed limit that’s fine but get the hell out of the left lane its for passing by idiots like you when we’re late for work
  • Debbie: Ohh Turn at a traffic light When the person going Straight has the right of WAY !
  • Terry: Throw garbage out the window...
  • Elizabeth: Texting while driving
  • Michelle: They drive all the way up to your tail, and then move over to the next lane. Nothing is coming in the lane next to them but they have to drive all the way up to you and then move over to pass you. Makes no sense.
  • Nancy: Zigzag through traffic just to get off at the next exit
  • Lori: I live on a side street that EVERYONE uses for a shortcut between 2 major roads, which is fine, BUT THE SPEED LIMIT IS 25!!!! RESIDENTIAL PEOPLE!! Drivers literally go 40 and beep and yell at me for doing 25, in a neighborhood



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