We love our fresh local vegetables and fruit here at the Jersey Shore. They are always delicious, and frankly a real source of pride for Garden State residents. They also bring in a lot of money.

Did you ever wonder what the top 5 money making types of produce are? We did a little research and we have the answer for you, and the numbers are mind boggling. Here are the top  types of money making produce right here in New Jersey  some may surprise you.

Spinach. Popeye would be proud. And it doesn't just make muscles. It makes money. To the tune of $6.2 million of production last year, according to Stacker.

Squash. Yes squash. it's good for you and good for the economy. How about $12 million of production in 2020?

Asparagus. I love asparagus. Can't have steak without it. And it's bigger in the Garden State than I ever imagined. We're #4 in production across the nation.

Cranberries. We're famous for them. And our 2020 production topped $20 million. And it's fun to see it floating in the water the way they do.

Peaches. Yes peaches, and our 2020 production was as high as our production of cranberries last year. That's pretty amazing and pretty delicious.

Peppers. This one kind of surprised me. Did you know we are #2 on the pepper list? Well, it's true. And our production in 2020? How about $56 million? I should have known that!

So, we knew we loved our fresh Jersey Shore produce already, but now we know it even more.

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