Coffee lovers unite, FREE coffee today for National Coffee Day.

Some interesting facts that maybe you didn't know about coffee on this National Coffee Day, thanks to the Did you know:

*Coffee beans are actually cherry seeds.

*Brewed coffee has more caffeine than espresso per serving.

*The lighter the roast, the more caffeine.

*Bach wrote a song about coffee.

*Coffee sent Brazil to the Olympics.

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How do you like your coffee? Lots of sugar, creamer, flavored? Iced coffee has become very popular with the younger generation, also. I'm not a fan of coffee, I never tried it, and I don't need coffee to get my day going. I'll take my iced tea over coffee any day.

Pavel Timofeyev, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Pavel Timofeyev, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

Happy National Coffee Day, coffee lovers. Here are some "free" coffee options, enjoy. Just remember most of these businesses need you to have their app downloaded.

taa, Getty Images
taa, Getty Images

Where can you get FREE coffee for National Coffee Day (Thursday, September 29th, 2022)?

Wawa - Free any size hot coffee with your app and Wawa Rewards

QuickChek - Get a free hot or cold 20 oz. coffee if you use your app for the first time to order coffee.

McDonald's - Get a hot or cold any-sized coffee for .99 when purchasing something through the app. This deal runs through December 31st.

Wendy's - Get a free small coffee with an in-app purchase.

Dunkin' - Get a free medium iced or hot coffee with any purchase. This offer is only open to DD perks members.

Burger King - Get a free small iced coffee with an online purchase or app purchase during breakfast hours only ending at 10:30 am. Thanks to for these free coffee options.

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