We pay A LOT of money on food here in Jersey. It turns out we not only pay more in taxes than most, our grocery bills are higher too.  Add into the equation that we still have a stressed supply chain due to COVID 19, and it's not pretty.  We have about a 6% increase in food costs at a time when so many of us are out of work or on a reduced pay scale so I thought we needed some sweet food and money saving life hacks! We know that buying bulk can save money when filling our pantries so let's not forget to organize and use our freezers!  Use a marker to write dates of purchase on your food and put that freezer to work!

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Here are a few hacks that you will love:

Turn your sour cream or cottage cheese upside down when storing in the fridge! Lasts longer because it creates an air tight seal

Avoid pre-cut items in the produce department…we pay for convenience…you can save up to half off just slicing things yourself

Put fresh cilantro, scallions and asparagus in a mason jar of water in the fridge…they continue to grow and stay fresher longer

I love to use mason jars in the fridge for items like hard boiled eggs, berries, grapes or even just left overs...tip is to use a damp paper towel to top the inside of the jar and your food stays fresher longer

Or, line your produce bin with paper towels...this helps preserve the life of your veggies

Buy food online you'll be surprised what you spend in impulse buying

Don’t store your milk in the fridge door…that is the warmest spot in the fridge and it will go bad faster…dairy in the back!

Buy bulk bread, string cheese and butter and pop in the freezer! Take out as needed

Love those K cup coffees? Well use them twice. The second time you use the cup hit the "strong" button on your machine and it comes out like the first cup

Use coupon or check out apps that give rewards for buying food like fetch.  You're buying food anyway, might as well get rewarded with things like Amazon gift cards just for uploading your receipt!  I just did this myself for the first time and I'm psyched to see how it pays off.

There are many more money saving food tips here:

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