Flu season is in full swing in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, as well as the rest of the Garden State.

According to the latest information provided by the New Jersey Department of Health, every single county in New Jersey is reporting high flu activity for the week ending January 18, 2020.

And if you're doing any traveling within the U.S., there are very few places you can go to avoid the flu. According to the CDC website's latest flu activity map, every state, except D.C., Oregon and Hawaii, report widespread flu activity.

The ways to avoid getting the flu haven't changed. The CDC recommends getting the flu vaccine, frequent hand washing, avoiding sick people and checking with your doctor about anti viral medication. All of the CDC's recommendations are on their website.

Influenza B is currently the predominant strain in New Jersey.This is the fourth straight week the entire state of New Jersey is dealing with high flu activity levels. According to the CDC, most flu activity occurs December through February, but can continue to occur as late as May.

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