LAKEWOOD - A report of an intruder who apparently hid his face, but not his vitals, at a township home, prompt beefed-up plainclothes and uniformed police patrols, and police say it isn't the first case of its kind they're investigating.

Lakewood Police vehicle
Lakewood Police vehicle (Lakewood Scoop)

The incident allegedly took place Saturday evening, about 7:15 PM, at a house on Hadassah Lane.

According to police, residents were sitting down to dinner, when a man they didn't know walked in through their front doorway and whipped out his equipment.

They told Officer Kenneth Ortiz that he demanded nothing, took nothing, and scooted out when they screamed.

They described him as about 5'6" in height, weighing about 150 pounds, clad in black except for a white bandanna around his neck.

Lakewood PD Sergeant Gregory Staffordsmith added that a team of investigators is probing a rash of similar events.

A source told Lakewood Scoop that about a half-dozen trespass situations have been reported, though only one other episode involved indecent exposure.

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