You know what some people say about stereotypes, right? There is a slither of truth to them. That's not always true, but in some cases, that's definitely accurate.

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Regardless of whether or not you love living in the Garden State, you can't deny that some of the stereotypes people come up with to describe NJ's residents are pretty funny. After watching a TikTok that takes you through the five specific types of people you'll find in New Jersey, if you live in the Garden State, you're sure to identify with at least one of them.

According to this South Jersey Tiktoker, the five people you meet in New Jersey are:

1.) The people who think they're from New York.

Obviously, he's referring to everyone in North Jersey that primarily live in the suburbs of New York City. No doubt, these people just tell people they're from the city when they travel. I joke, I joke.

2.) The people who think they're country.

Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem Counties, pretty sure he's looking at you.

3.) The people who think they're from Philly.

WHat's up Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington Counties? This one's for you.

4.) The people who live at the shore.

This one is pretty accurate for people who hail from the beaches and coastal mainland towns in from Cape May County all the way up through Atlantic Highlands in Monmouth County.

5.) The people from Central Jersey

He says these people don't exist! This is the point of the video that hit people hard! Don't worry, Central Jerseyans, we know you exist.

If you need a good laugh, you have to watch it. Check it out:

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