Taking to the high seas on a fishing excursion? Be sure your permits are in order.The Coast Guard's watching.

U.S. Coast Guard ship in Seattle

Patrols from Barnegat Light and Manasquan Inlet snagged two crews lacking correct National Marine Fisheries Services permits, and a third on the hunt for bluefin tuna without a Highly Migratory Species (HMS) permit

First-time HMS violators going after bluefins face $500 fines, and are assessed another $500 for each tuna they've hooked. Fines for repeat offenders rise to $750.

USCG also reminds fisherman who want to sell their catches to have party charter permits aboard before casting off.

"Enforcing safety and fishing regulations for Highly Migratory Species is one of our priorities," said Lt. j.g. Henry Dunphy, an Enforcement Officer at Sector Delaware Bay.

"We work alongside our partner agencies to make sure that these fisheries are protected and sustainable so they are available to both recreational and commercial fishermen for generations to come."

Information about National Marine Fisheries Service permits can be found within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association web page.

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