After moving to the Jersey Shore, I absolutely love exploring the area.

There are so many awesome little farmers stands to check out, great record shops all over, some of the best food around, and the beaches are of course second to none.

There is one issue, however, that I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that I think needs to be addressed. 

Intersections. What is up with some of the intersections in Jersey?

For example, when I come into the station each day, I get off 37 at the jug handle that leads to Washington Street. It goes from two lanes to one lane and there is absolutely no signage or indication that that’s going to happen every morning I say a quick prayer while I enter the chaos.

According to Jersey Shore Online, there is another intersection that is incredibly dangerous, and it’s pretty heavily traveled. 

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Route 9, where Mill Creek Road meets Veeder Lane near the entrance to Ocean Gate Drive.

Over the past two and half years there have been 16 accidents, and after driving through this intersection to get to the gym a few times I can attest this intersection sucks! Fortunately, it seems like a solution is in the works.

The addition of a traffic light!

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From the Jersey Shore Online Report

“The county engineering department has analyzed the area and decided that it justifies having a traffic signal there”

We may have to put on our patient pants, however, because it could take until 2023 for the traffic light to come to fruition.

What’s an intersection in Ocean or Monmouth County that you think could use a traffic light?

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