The Tony Randall/Jack Klugman original TV version of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple aired this day in 1975 after a five-year run and 114 episodes. I hope this isn't a spoiler, but the episode is titled "Felix Remarries," and he does - reconnecting with Gloria, much to the relief of his harried roommate, Oscar Madison. Actually, two endings were filmed in case the show was renewed for a sixth season. In the alternate ending, Felix and Gloria DON'T hook up for a second go-round. Sadly, it seems that the alternate ending film has been lost over the years. Reruns of the program still run on Me TV. The program has special meaning to me, Bob O'Brien. I even wrote a book titled The Odd Couple on Stage and Screen, tracing the Neil Simon classic from Broadway, to the silver screen, to TV under my real name, Bob Leszczak - available wherever books are sold on-line.

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