In the next day or two, New Jersey could hit a significant milestone – more than 5 million men, women and children will be completely vaccinated against COVID-19 (the current figure is 4,948,118). Nevertheless, some people are still getting sick, winding up in the hospital and dying.

During the Monday COVID update, which was held virtually, Gov. Phil Murphy said 105 new cases have been reported, 304 people are hospitalized with confirmed or suspected coronavirus symptoms, 57 are in intensive care, 29 are on ventilators and four more people have died.

“I cannot stress enough that all of these numbers are almost exclusively of unvaccinated residents," Murphy said. "Nearly every number we count each day, we wouldn’t have to do that if somebody got vaccinated.”

The governor noted analysis by the state Health Department and the Associated Press finds “the vaccines are at least 99.9% effective in preventing hospitalization and even more so in preventing death. This also has absolutely nothing to do with anybody’s politics.”

Murphy said with more than 54% of the state fully vaccinated, those who are unvaccinated are safer than in other states, but New Jersey is the densest state in America and the Delta and other variants are now circulating in the Garden State.

So what’s the focus moving forward?

The governor said some people who describe themselves as anti-vaxxers simply refuse to get the shot. Others are not getting vaccinated because they are too busy with work or other life concerns.

“We need to get as many of our folks vaccinated as possible,” he said. “It’s why we’ve got people as we speak today, knocking on doors in a bunch of communities.”

The governor said the COVID Community Corp door knockers are giving information, not trying to twist anybody’s arm.

“If somebody knocks on your door, please answer the door,” said Murphy. “I would hope that they would believe the we have their best interests in mind.”

Murphy added people with questions can also call the COVID vaccine call center at 855-568-0545

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