I've been wondering for a while now whether Ocean County is luckier than the 20 other New Jersey counties when it comes to lottery wins.

In my quest to find out, I got my hands on a treasure trove of information of big New Jersey lottery wins in the past 5 years (for these purposes, I'm defining "big wins" as more than $10,000).

There are still a bunch of things that I can do with the data, but it's a lot to go through, we're talking 227 pages worth!

So, expect more followup stories, but I wanted to start with something easy, finding out where Ocean County's biggest lottery wins came from over the last 5 years.

For big wins, the lucky tickets are coming from Whiting, with Lacey Road looking like the luckiest stretch in Ocean County for big wins.

The Krauszer's on Lacey Road in Whiting had a big hit in 2015, to the tune of $4,140,931.

At the Stop & Shop just down Lacey Road, two one-million-plus winners got lucky, with a $3,169,235 win in 2015 and almost exactly two years ago, on October 20th, 2018, a $1,000,461 ticket was sold at the very same Stop & Shop.

But the most wins in Ocean County goes to 7-Eleven.

Now, to be fair, there are (or have been in the last 5 years at least) a lot of 7-Eleven locations in Ocean County, with 66 $10,000+ wins coming from 21 different store numbers.

But, there's a single 7-Eleven location that stood out by far as having a lot of wins, with the 7-Eleven location on Route 9 in Pine Beach boasting 19 wins totaling $1,432,925 since 2015.

Like I said, there is a ton of data to go through if I want to finally answer the question of whether Ocean County is unusually lucky or not, so stay tuned for more!

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