SOMERVILLE — The parents of a man who hanged himself at Somerset County Jail have agreed to drop their lawsuit against the county after accepting a settlement of $699,000.

Daniel J. Klein III, 33, was arrested for drunk driving in 2012 and was in the jail waiting to be bailed when he hanged himself with shoelaces.

Guards cut him down while he was still alive, but he later died at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick.

The family in 2014 filed a federal lawsuit claiming the jail should have realized that Klein was a danger to himself and that guards should have confiscated his shoelaces.

The complaint says the jail had been warned by his girlfriend that he had a history of drug abuse and mental illness.

Klein had previously been admitted to a psychiatric facility for treatment three times before his arrest.

In agreeing to settle the lawsuit in September, the county did not admit to any wrongdoing.

News of the settlement was first reported Thursday by the NJ Civil Settlements blog.

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