The sting of losing the Super Bowl won't go away anytime soon.

The Atlanta Falcons returned home Monday after their historic Super Bowl collapse that enabled the Patriots to claim their fifth title.

The turnout was as sparse as the trophy case that's still waiting to hold for the Falcons' first-ever Vince Lombardi Trophy.

While Atlanta and its fans will stew about this crushing loss for the entire offseason, quarterback Matt Ryan -- NFL MVP Matt Ryan, remember -- took to social media to let everyone know that, yes, the defeat hurts, the team will rebound. Somehow, after being the victim of the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, it comes off as somewhat hollow, but give him credit for trying.

This loss will certainly remain with all of Falcons Nation (Is that a thing? They don't exactly have a huge following, so maybe Falcons Township is better.) and the team's young followers have already proven it. You've gotta love these excuses kids at one Georgia school gave for being late to school on Monday. "Failure to rise up" and "Falcons depression" pretty much sum up the emotional devastation that will linger well into training camp.

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