The COVID vaccine is a hot and controversial topic. With the Delta variant now in play, and virus cases spiking in New Jersey, proof of vaccination will soon be a reality. In some places, it already is. This hysteria is causing some to go to extreme measures to stand by what they believe in. 

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People Gather At City Hall To Protest Against Vaccine Mandates In New York City
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Don't worry. This isn't going to turn into a pro-vax vs. anti-vax story. I'm not going anywhere near that debate.

However, the FBI has announced an uptick in the amount of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

There are actually people out there making and selling proof of vaccination that is fraudulent.

Oregon VA Hospital Administers COVID-19 Vaccine To Staff
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Bogus vaccination cards started popping up online last month.

Those thinking about picking one of these up should think again.

The DOJ is not messing around. Misrepresenting the official seal of any U.S. agency violates federal law. Yes, the CDC logo on vaccine cards would count. If you're caught with a fake, you could spend up to five years behind bars, and/or have to shell out a  $5,000 fine.

According to The Associated Press, sellers of fake government documents on the dark web are expanding their services to vaccination cards. The demand is high as New Jerseyians are urged to get the COVID-19 vaccine to avoid spreading and catching the potentially deadly virus.

Websites identified by the AP as "Counterfeit Center," "Jimmy Black Market," and "Buy Express Documents" offer illegal and counterfeit passports, certificates, and yes, now vaccination cards for upwards of $500.

Officials say that if you've been vaccinated, keep your card safe as you would any important health record.

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