When I was little, I was obsessed with Sesame Street.  It was more than the characters, it was the city of Sesame Street that always grabbed my attention. I loved the general store, the brownstone apartments, and the city streets.  The idea of seeing the apartments where my friends lived was the coolest part. The ability to go to Sesame Place was over the top exciting for me. Now, we have an experience just like that for the Barbie fans. Get ready to wear your pink and feel fabulous in the real, world-famous Barbie Dream House!

Photo credit: World of Barbie
Photo credit: World of Barbie

Have you heard that a magical new attraction called World of Barbie, is coming to NYC?  This is going to be an immersive attraction for fans launching this summer. This unique attraction allows visitors to be a guest at Barbie’s real-life Dreamhouse!

World of Barbie lets visitors walk down Barbie’s neighborhood streets and into all of her very cool rooms.  You can even go inside her classic life-sized Barbie Camper Van!  Didn’t every kid want Santa to bring them that camper for Christmas?

It always impressed me how many careers Barbie was able to have.  You’ll get to role-play all of her careers such as scientist, designer, music producer, and astronaut.  As I said, she was always one busy diva.

Even with all of those careers, Barbie always had time for fun.  Just like Barbie, fans can start their own patio pool party and play DJ to keep the party pumping!

From napping in her hammock outside of the camper to Voguing in Barbie’s fashion studio you can’t help coming away fabulous.

Get your camera ready, this is a selfie dream.

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