Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

It's been several years seeing the sign, Coming Soon, along Rt. 70 in Brick and finally saw some action on the property yesterday.

I always wondered when this would be built, it looks like an amazing indoor sports complex with some extras, so I called the number on the sign.

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The man I spoke to told me they recently started breaking ground, finally, due to Covid-19 work was postponed for a year. He continued to tell me, it should be ready in less than a year.

I know it seems like forever we've been waiting for this, but we can wait one more year. According to the, the indoor sports facility will be a 68,400 square foot sports dome with sports fields. A giant basketball center, outdoor beach volleyball courts, etc. Also, there's a retail portion on this site where there will be a restaurant with a drive-through and room for a retail building. There will be a restaurant with a drive-thru on the property.

The fields in the facility for training will include baseball, field hockey, football, soccer, and so many more Awesome...I'm hoping this facility will also host birthday parties and possibly an arcade is rumored. Fun for the family.

This seems like it's going to be incredible for sports teams and traveling teams coming to the area in Ocean County and Brick. There will be nearly 400 parking spaces at this huge complex.

This is the area on Rt. 70 in Brick where the Foodtown and Bradlees once were. In 2009 the Foodtown was demolished.

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