This is pretty cool, the new Stephen King Miniseries, coming out on Apple +, was filmed here in the Garden State. Stephen Kings' latest is called "Lisey's Story". 

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The miniseries, which debuts on Apple + on June 4th, is based on the Stephen King novel "Lisey's Story" which debuted in 2006. The miniseries stars Julianne Moore and Clive Owen.


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Lisey's Story is a tale of marriage and the aftermath. Both romantic and haunting. Noone gets the "haunting" part right like Stephen King. This one is sure to be a hit when it streams on Apple + in June.

The local connection here with this miniseries is that it was filmed right here in the Garden State. According to NJ.COM the miniseries filmed a portion of the show in New Jersey in Franklin Township, Somerset County. The filming took place at a historic Somerset County home, the Van Liew-Suydam House. According to the Meadows Foundation,  "Peter Van Liew settled on this site back in the 1700s, and why Joseph Suydam later built part of the house that is seen today." Pretty cool that this new streaming project has roots here in New Jersey, Right in Franklin Township.

What is YOUR favorite Stephen King novel? Share your favorites and comments below. Have you ever visited the Van Liew-Suydam House in Somerset County? If so what did you think of the historic house? love to hear some first-hand info on the site of this story.



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