VERNON — An electrician hired by a Sussex County homeowner is accused of planting a small video camera in a shower head and capturing images of residents showering including one under the age of 18.

State Police told the New Jersey Herald that as a male resident was preparing to take a shower on Nov. 9 he noticed a black box on the counter hidden among some tools in the bathroom that was having work done. He opened the box and found a small SD memory chip. A search of the name of the device on his cell phone revealed it was a spy camera.

The resident confronted Joseph Krenicky, 47, who denied he was spying and left the home. State Police and investigators from the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office got a warrant to enter his Vernon home found more video showing other members of the home in the shower.

Krenicky was charged with three counts of third-degree invasion of privacy and a second-degree charge of endangering the welfare of a child. He was released from the Sussex County jail pending a Dec. 10 hearing.