Have you been thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle?

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I've been dabbling with the idea for a little while but after seeing the price of gas skyrocket, I might be ready.


My aunt, who purchased her electric vehicle a few years ago, said that the car drives insanely smooth.

When I asked her how much money she thinks she has saved relying on charging stations instead of gasoline, her response was, "Oh gosh, I couldn't even tell you. I bet you it is an astronomical number."

If you are still on the fence about the decision, I have a piece of news that will help to tip the scale.

According to NJ.com, New Jersey is not only supporting the electric car business, but is encouraging you to purchase one by offering an alluring incentive to help fight climate change.

Sven Loeffler
Sven Loeffler

According to Governor Phil Murphy, residents who buy an electric car will receive, "a payment of up to $4,000 to reduce the price of an electric vehicle and $250 to help pay for a charging station at their homes."

“There is no doubt that the tide has turned and electric vehicles are now a legitimate alternative, equal to their internal-combustion competitors in price if not superior in performance,” said Murphy.

That is not all New Jersey is doing.

According to NJ.com, a whopping $60 million dollars will be spent from the state's Clean Energy Fund.

Two million dollars is set aside for those who purchase an electric vehicle and, "another $4 million will go towards giving incentives for apartment buildings and condominiums to install charging stations for their residents to use."

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If times are tough for you and your loved ones due to inflation, don't panic because I am not seeing anything about when this offer will expire.

If I do find anything on a time limit, I'll let you know.

For now, save up and make the switch when your wallet can afford to!

But before you make the switch, how about we relive the good ol' days?

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