Roller coaster daredevils, rejoice!

El Toro, the 19-story tall wooden coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, which partially derailed last June, is expected to reopen this spring following extensive testing, inspections, and state certification. This, according to the Six Flags Facebook page.

A train on the ride partially derailed on June 29, failing to return to the station after it stopped a few yards before the "brake run", according to a report.

A Six Flags spokesperson previously said guests were on the ride at the time but there were no injuries.

The state report stated the cause of the partial derailment had not yet been identified but a detailed inspection was planned.

Now, El Toro will be back in business this 2022 season at Six Flags.

"El Toro" which means "the bull," is one of the fastest and tallest wooden runs on Earth. It looks like a classic wooden coaster, but ultra-modern engineering techniques give it a smoother, faster more exciting ride than old wooden coasters.

Riders travel up 19 stories and the first terrifying drop is 176 feet at a 76-degree angle, the steepest drop of any wooden-style roller coaster in the country.

Hope you like it fast! El Toro zooms through a course at 70 miles per hour over a series of hills, banking left and right and swerving through the wooden architecture.

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