One of the most popular rides at Six Flags Great Adventure remains shut down, and is not scheduled to resume operations anytime soon. State ride inspectors are continuing to investigate what they say was a "derailment," although Six Flags disputes that characterization. is detailing a report obtained from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs that says the wheels of one train car "came out of their normal position on the rails" and cited damage to the car's axle and the wood and steel bolts on the track.

What the report does not say, is what caused the issue or how long the coaster may have been operating under those conditions. A spokesman for the park told New Jersey 101.5 last week that Until those questions can be answered, and the coaster's manufacturer can certify the any needed repairs have been made, the state will not clear El Toro to resume operations. The state has given no timeline for that to be completed, but did indicate their investigation is not yet concluded.

One of the tallest and fastest wooden coasters in the world, El Toro has been one of the most popular rides since it opened in 2006. It was twice voted the number one wooden coaster in the world.

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