So who wants to street eat with me?  I’ve ALWAYS loved dining al fresco, (that’s fancy for eating outside). There's also something very cool and even rebellious about sitting in the middle of the street while doing it. On Friday night my husband Tony and I had a date night and we ate on a blocked off street with live music in Milburn. It was so great! The streets were blocked off and the restaurants had tables all up and down the street and there was  a live band in the middle of it all. I enjoyed myself so much I looked into who was doing this in locally and I found a few I’m bound to hit next!

The Jersey Shore social hub in Asbury Park will close Cookman Avenue from Bangs Avenue to Emory Street 24 hours a day, seven days a week from April 30 to Nov. 28. The stretch from Bond Street to Main Street will be closed from Friday at 1 p.m. to Monday at 7 a.m. on those same days. Restaurants like Toast, The Bonney Read, Talula’s and Taka are all taking advantage of the closures to expand their seating and make Cookman Avenue this is a hot spot I can't wait to try!

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Here’s another hot spot...New Street in Metuchen has its southern lane blocked to traffic between Main Street and Pearl Street for restaurants like Lotsa Balls, Nauti Cajun Crab and The Greek on Main. The closure will stay in effect until dining capacity returns to 100% but honestly I prefer this!

Red Bank is so flipping cool. I love it there! Check this out...Broad Street is closed to traffic from Front Street to White Street from May 1 to Sept. 30. Restaurants will also have the option of blocking space on other streets such as Monmouth Street and Bridge Avenue.

I say we meet up for some pre-summer outdoor cocktails under the in? I’ll arrange the Uber.

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