As we head into April, Easter is just a couple of weeks away.  It's my favorite holiday, and especially since I get to host Shawn & Sue's Egg-Stravaganza!  I've had so many great memories with Easter.  I remember when I was younger, my brother and I were always excited to see where the Easter Bunny put our Easter baskets.

There was one more thing we would always look forward to, the colored balloons on our back yard pear tree.

Every year for Easter, my Mom and Dad, along with my Aunt Jane, would blow up a lot of balloons and put them all over the pear tree in the back yard.  The beautiful pastel colors looked like eggs hanging from the branches.

As I look back now, as an adult, it was amazing.  While the little chickadees were sleeping, the bunnies were hard at work.  It must have taken them several hours to do it.  And every Easter when I wake up, I still want to see that pear tree.  What a great memory.

What's your greatest Easter memory? Share in the comments below!



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