A truck driver from Mississippi could spend between 28 and 78 years in prison after sentencing for a drunk driving crash on a Pennsylvania interstate that killed three people last October including a 16-month old girl and a New Jersey college student.

Jack Satterfield, 29, plead guilty to vehicular homicide while driving under the influence of alcohol and leaving the scene of an accident in the October 2018 crash that occurred in Lower Paxton Township, Pennsylvania, according to a local NBC affiliate in Pennsylvania.

His white Volvo tractor trailer caused a 12-car pileup around 10:30 pm that night, according to a CBS affiliate in Pennsylvania.

Prior to the crash Satterfield, who also had a suspended license, reportedly drank five double shot margaritas at a restaurant before hopping into his truck and driving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania.

Following the crash, he took off on foot and watched the wreckage from a hotel parking lot close to the scene of the accident.

Ethan Van Bochoven is the college student who lives in New Jersey and died in the crash.

Here is footage of the crash taking place from dash-cam video on the truck, courtesy of PennLive.com.

In court, victims and relatives of the fatally injured had some choice words for Satterfield, according to PennLive.com.

Michael Van Bochoven, whose 22-year-old son Ethan died in the crash, reportedly called Satterfield a “gutless coward with zero integrity.”

Jessica Lybrand, who lost her husband Zachary and 16-month old daughter Elliana in the crash, stood near Satterfield who denied her request to look her in the eyes.

Zachary's car was in the first car struck by the truck and his vehicle bursted into flames.

“I want you to know about the people you murdered,” Jessica Lybrand said. “These are the thoughts that haunt my dreams. I hope they haunt your dreams like they do mine…I wish I could burn the images I have in my head into yours.

“You are scum…You don’t deserve to be breathing,” Lybrand continued and asked the judge to make sure that Sattersfield never gets out of prison.

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