BRICK — A township resident told a 911 dispatcher that she heard someone shout "drop the gun" on the morning four police officers shot and killed a domestic violence suspect outside her home.

Keshawn Wilson, 32, was killed Aug. 20 on Meridian Drive by police officers who had been dispatched to Wilson's home on reports of a violent attack.

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office says cops encountered Wilson armed with a 6-inch revolver and that he "discharged multiple rounds from the revolver during the course of the events." All four officers fired their weapons and none were injured, authorities said.

It it still not entirely clear what happened in the exact moments that led up to the shooting, but recordings of 911 calls obtained by New Jersey 101.5 under the Open Public Records Act shed some light on the early morning incident.

In one of the calls, a neighbor says she heard gunshots and someone outside her home shouting "drop the gun." The caller does not say if she knew who said that.

Police also anticipated Wilson being armed: They were informed by a neighbor, who called 911 on behalf of Wilson's terrified victim, that he had a gun in the house.

Authorities said police were dispatched to the home about 5:33 a.m after receiving seven 911 calls from the neighborhood about a domestic disturbance.

According to prosecutors and the 911 recordings reviewed by New Jersey 101.5, Wilson was accused of hitting a 31-year-old woman and her 59-year-old mother, who had tried to intervene.

The younger woman fell down the stairs of their home trying to get away, authorities said. She then fled through a window and ran to a neighbor's house.

The woman's mother, sister and her sister's three children, ages 11, 7 and 11 months, locked themselves in the grandmother's bedroom as they waited on the line with a 911 dispatcher for police to arrive.

All six lived with Wilson in the multistory mother/daughter-style house. New Jersey 101.5 is not identifying the victims or their relationship to Wilson in order to protect their identity.

"Somebody please hurry. I'm not sure what he is capable of. Please," the woman's sister told the dispatcher.

"He’s still trying to break into the room where we are right now," she continued to plea. "They need to come get him because he’s crazy and I have three small children in here and I don’t know what can happen."

The woman's sister and their mother told the 911 dispatcher that there were no weapons in the home. But the other woman, who was hiding at the neighbor's home, told police that Wilson kept a gun in the house.

The 911 dispatcher and police instructed the family to remain locked up in the bedroom. They also told neighbors to stay in their homes and away from windows.

Gunshots cannot be heard on the recordings.

The Prosecutor's Office said the young woman's injuries included cuts and bruises in her head, eye and body. Her mother had a head injury.

At one point, the 911 dispatcher asked the woman's mother if she knew what had prompted the attack.

"I have no idea. I try not to get involved in my children's relationships," she said. "I mean, it felt like everything was OK today."


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