If you plan on flying anywhere this holiday season, you can fly safely from South Jersey knowing that the Federal Aviation Administration has your safety in mind.

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News recently broke regarding new studies on technology being done right near the Atlantic City Airport that will, if all goes well, be able to detect drones that could potentially harm an aircraft. It's hard not to identify both the validity and necessity for these tests, since even the average Joe can order a drone off of Amazon and fly it, not knowing the rules or risks.

6abc.com reports that the FAA has already begun these tests as the drone threat to both passenger and commercial aircrafts is on the rise with each passing day. As a matter of fact, in just one month alone, the average drone interference has increased to about an average of 100 incidents. Nobody wants the pilot of their plane distracted by ANYTHING, right? So, yeah, it's safe to say these tests are a pretty good idea.

Apparently, this type of detection testing is the first of its kind, so the Atlantic City Airport is making history.

The studies won't remain exclusively at Atlantic City for long, though. Reportedly, five additional airports will soon begin testing, as well.

Pretty interesting stuff! You can find out more about the detectable drone technology testing happening at near the Atlantic City Airport HERE.

Source: 6abc.com

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