When was the last time you woke in the morning and said, “I feel great?” There is a good chance you have never done that because we take it for granted that after a good night’s sleep we should wake up feeling terrific.  Well I’m one that has not been able to say that for about a year and I can’t wait for the day when I actually wake up with no pain or discomfort of any kind.

I’m not saying this for you to feel sorry for me but rather to remind you that good health is not something we should take for granted…it is not promised.  I was out with some friends recently and we laughed at ourselves for all the medical talk that went around the table.  Clearly when we were in our 30’s and 40’s we would likely talk about sports, not our latest doctor’s visits.  We also talked about friends who have died rather recently and in some cases suddenly which is a reminder that the only thing guaranteed is NOW.

So again why is this rather dark subject my topic today?  So many people ignore warning signs of a health problem and refuse to go to a doctor.  Our bodies can be ticking time bombs and those signs are what gives us a chance to correct what might be a problem.  Don’t ignore them and make your health a priority.

If you woke up today and felt great then congratulations…you are very lucky.  But if something is bothering you then do not ignore it but rather reach out to your physician.  As you get older you realize how precious life is and in some cases good health is just a phone call away.

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