When voters fill out their ballots for the November election, they need to remember to flip them over to vote on the three public questions — and in some municipalities, additional candidates.

Statewide, there are three questions before voters:

  • Question 1: An amendment to the state constitution to legalize recreational use of  marijuana for adults over 2.
  • Question 2: An amendment to the state constitution to give a $250 property tax deduction to veterans who did not serve in time of war along with a second amendment to give a 100% property tax exemption to certain totally disabled veterans who did not serve during war.
  • Question 3: An amendment to change when the new legislative districts are drawn if the federal census data is delayed.
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"It's very important for voters to understand that there could be in your county two sides to the ballot where there are public questions, there could be school board elections on the ballot. So it's really important to remember to completely fill out both sides of the ballot if the public questions aren't on the same side," Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon told Townsquare Media News.

Monmouth County voters get a reminder in the form of a red arrow on each side of the ballot.

"We've marked in red for voters to turn the ballot over to make sure they vote both sides of the ballot," Hanlon said.

Sam D'Arcangelo, the director of the Cannabis Voter Project, says mail-in ballots present a challenge and voters should be prepared when they make their choices and return their ballot as quickly as possible.

Voters have to make sure they use the proper color ink pen to fill in the circles on the ballot and sign the certificate that is attached to — and should not be detached from — the inner envelope for the ballot.

What if a voter realizes they forgot to vote for the ballot questions? It depends on where that are in the voting process.

If a voter still has their ballot and makes a mistake while filling it out, a new ballot can be requested from the county clerk. But if a voter realizes their mistake after returning a ballot?

"Once a voter has returned the ballot and cast their vote there's no way to get an additional ballot. That is just like going into the poll booth and a voting machine and cast your vote. You can't vote again after that," Hanlon said.

Ballots need to be returned to county ballot boxes by 8 p.m. on election night or postmarked by Nov. 3.

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