Another summer weekend is here and that means thousands will be heading to Jersey Shore beaches with most likely to at least take a dip into the ocean.

We have already been reminded of how dangerous that can be when two young girls drowned in Belmar last month.  In that case and in almost all drownings on shore beaches the girls were swimming when lifeguards were not on duty.  It seemingly does not matter how many signs warn people not to swim when lifeguards are not around they will tempt fate, especially during stretches of hot weather.

From what I am told more and more are heading to the beaches after those who sell badges leave for the day. In other words it’s free. That is often in late afternoon and evening hours just around the time lifeguards are wrapping up for the day.

This is when swimmers, especially inexperienced ones are most likely to get in trouble and often there is nobody who can help.  The only way to insure there won’t be a problem is to stay out of the water and obviously that is easier said than done.

In a somewhat related note, kudos to my friends at Carl’s Fencing, Decking and Home Improvements for coming to the aid of the lifeguards that protect swimmers on the beach at Island Beach Motor Lodge in South Seaside Park.  Thursday Carl DelPizzo Jr. and Cindy Kuhmann of Carl’s presented an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to those lifeguards on the 24th Avenue beach.

The portable device checks the heart rhythm and is used to treat sudden cardiac arrest and it’s one that the lifeguards were badly in need of.  It was the ideal way for a local business like Carl’s to come to the rescue which is what lifeguards do on a daily basis throughout the Jersey Shore.


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