Will the Baby New Year bring a gift to Ocean County, New Jersey for 2022? Could the Baby New Year bring the first Wegmans Supermarket to Ocean County? It is one of the most requested businesses here in Ocean County, maybe second to Cracker Barrel.

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The nearest Wegmans for us here in Ocean County is all the way up in Monmouth County in Ocean Township on Route 35. So it's just too far a drive for us here in Ocean County.


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In an article posted by the site Business Insider, they took a look at the reasons why customers love their Wegmans...

Customer Service

Always a must for any successful business and it's obvious that Wegman's provides that for their shoppers


Simple the better the selection for me, the better I like your store.

Wegmans Own Products

I will buy store brands if they are good and I save money


Goes without saying, right?

Low Prices

This is a must as we head into 2022 and inflation is at a 39 year high :(

Community Engagement and Activism

We love our county and we love the corporate world remembering to take part in Ocean County and it's residents quality of life

Store Design

I have never shopped at a Wegmans so I'll have to take others' word on this one.

Personal Store Experiences

We would love for you to share your Wegmans experiences, post your comments below ... we always love getting your input.


So....Does a New Year Finally Mean a New Wegmans in Ocean County, New Jersey?

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