It’s the start of a very different work week for many if not most of us.

Actually for way too many it is not a work week at all as they have been laid off from their jobs as a result of the spreading coronavirus.  The reality of it has hit home as my daughter Alex is out of work. The events company she works for in New York has closed down for a month because there are no events.

Of course it’s not the month that worries her and others but the fear that it could become multiple months and that’s really what is happening across the country.

Speaking of which, those of us who are following the rules and suggestions from medical and government leaders have every right to be ticked off by pictures of those who seem to simply not give a damn.

While there has been significant mixed-messages throughout this crisis the one thing everyone does agree on is social distancing helps. Just this past weekend we saw people congregate on beaches in California and Florida and parks New York totally ignoring the suggested 6 feet of separation guidelines.

The last thing I want is more government but we may be close to getting to the point where suggestions become law and if you break it then there will be repercussions.  What don’t people understand?  We are in a national crisis and those who simply choose to go on like life is normal are putting others at risk.

We know this is in many cases an invisible disease so just because you don’t have symptoms does not mean you don’t have COVID-19.  We simply can do our part by following the guidelines that have been suggested.

I will say in driving around this weekend it was somewhat eerie.  At times it felt like it was Thanksgiving or Christmas with so little traffic on the roads and so many businesses closed as new restrictions went into place in New Jersey.

My guess is more will come as the list of what is truly essential gets pared down.  However what will always be essential is that we do this together. Remember this is no I in TEAM.

Stay healthy my friends.

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