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Shawn Michaels



I have to come clean, if you bring me one of these “holiday tins” I will eat it, not the tin, but pretty much all the popcorn. It’s such a simple thing, but they are great!

So how did these tins become so popular? You see them everywhere and with all kinds of decorations on them. The “tins” themselves may not be that old, but popcorn  is. Take a look at a quick history of popcorn. It isn’t a surprise that somewhere one day someone said let’s put popcorn in a collectible and reusable tin for the holidays. How many tins do you have from past holidays? Do you use them to decorate or for storage or both? Do you have one tin you love best? We spotted the tin with old truck and puppies just recently.

Now enough about the tins, let’s talk popcorn. The usual tin contains three flavors....caramel, buttered and cheese. Which one is your favorite? For me it’s all about the mix. Sweet followed by salty and then tangy (cheese). I think it’s all about the combination that makes it a great snack. It’s one of those snacks that you just keep picking at, that’s why I can really demolish a can rather quickly. Common air popped, popcorn, has about 31 calories per cup .... according to a Google search.

So do YOU have any decorative popcorn tins around your home? Which flavor is your favorite? Share some pics of your tins if you want, love to see them.

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