Do YOU Believe in Angels?

I wanted to share a recent letter I received from an Ocean County woman this week. Yes, a "letter" and it was an actual handwritten letter...which was a nice change of pace.

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This letter was to let us know about a person in her life who is her "guardian angel". Truly touching to read this note and today I think we could all use some positive vibes, so I am sharing this beautiful letter with you at home.

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This letter, from Maria in Ocean County, begins by saying she is grateful and thanks to God each day for waking her to a new day :) She has several health issues to deal with and recently fell and had to use a walker to get around. This woman has been a life-changer and Maria wanted to share her love with us and we thank her :)

Maria wrote to thank Eleanor, who she says is her guardian angel. Maria went on to explain that Eleanor took her in nearly three decades ago. She has taught Maria so many different things. From paying bills to shopping to medications...Eleanor has made sure that Maria is well taken care of. This includes trips to the doctors and hospital because Maria is a 15-year cancer survivor. In fact, Maria makes homemade bracelets in her spare time. Maria says that Eleanor is like a mother to her and is always there for her. Javardh Javardh


Maria wrote to share her thoughts about this guardian angel named Eleanor and I thought this was a fantastic positive article we could use more of these days.

THANK YOU Maria for sharing this wonderful woman with us and THANK YOU Eleanor for being a kind and compassionate human being...see there are angels among us :)

If you have an "angel" in YOUR life, write me and let me know their story email or if you prefer to "handwrite" your letter...send it to Shawn Michaels 8 Robbins Street Toms River, New Jersey 08753.


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